(and Should Invest in Financial Planning)

If you’ve ever been chatting about your financial situation at a party and the topic of robbing a bank came up, you’re not alone. Most of the times when we bring up the possibility of robbing a bank, we are completely joking and would never seriously consider gathering our own Ocean’s 11 gang. Most of us wouldn’t even know where to start to plan such a heist. However, it can seem tempting when you are faced with the hard work that financial planning can be. If you’ve ever even jokingly thought about robbing a bank versus calling your local Arden financial advisor for financial planning or investing in life insurance this blog is for you.

Why You Should Never Rob a Bank

You Could Get Caught

This is reason enough for most people. Most people don’t do bad things because they don’t have the assurance that they will get away with it. Unlike back in the Old West, when there weren’t cars, video cameras, DNA identification technology, and more, it was easy to run into the nearest watering hole and rob the town bank blind. However, today, most bank security teams have all the necessary technology in place to keep every penny safe and sound.

Damaged Reputation

If you were to get caught — and let’s be honest, most of us aren’t Danny Ocean and would get caught — you would damage your reputation. Not only would most of your loved ones and friends be disappointed in your decision, but you would also have to deal with the repercussions inflicted on you by the justice system. Also, after you had served your time, it would be harder to get a job because of your damaged record and without a job, the goings would get even tougher.

Jail is No Picnic

Whether or not you’ve watched Orange is the New Black or Scared Straight, you probably have heard stories of how jail isn’t a place that you want to be. Not only is it harder to see your friends and family, but you don’t have the ability to run your own life the way you want. Also, you have to wear orange all the time.

Just Talk to a Financial Planner

Even though the topic of this blog post is tongue-in-cheek, we use this as a means to show how important it is to just talk to a financial planner instead of investing in get-rich-schemes. Even though some crooks did make it big, most got caught and after paying fines and accusing other losses did not come out on top. The same is true for those who try to get rich through high-risk investments. These schemes can work, but not always; prosperity is built on thought-out strategies that take time for us to see the benefits.

If you would like to see how financial planning could help you meet your financial goals, visit the Successful Financial Strategies website! You can have peace about your financial future in Arden and it starts with a plan. Contact us today!