Welcome back to the Successful Financial Strategies blog! Today, we are happy to announce that AssetLock® and Successful Financial Strategies have joined forces to provide our clients in the Arden and Henderson area the most effective tool for monitoring their 401(k) and other retirement accounts. Stick around to learn more about what this could mean for you and your retirement savings.

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What is Asset Lock®?

When someone introduces something new, it can be easy to assume it’s a gimmick. However, in the case of AssetLock this isn’t true. The AssetLock defines their product:

“AssetLock is a communication tool developed to help users stay informed regarding their retirement accounts. With AssetLock Personal, the user has complete control over the downside percentage which is used to send alerts.”

With an AssetLock account, you get access to your financials on your phone through an app. Check out the official AssetLock app available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.  

What Does This Mean For Me?

Successful Financial Strategies is excited to offer this complimentary retirement account monitoring tool to provide their clients these advantages:

  • Easy access to their retirement accounts (401(k), 403b, 457b, and TSP plans)
  • Ability to set their maximum downside or loss they can experience before the app notifies them
  • Receive notification of loss as soon as possible

Essentially, AssetLock will notify you when market conditions are changing and when that might affect your accounts. With this technology you are able to get information as soon as it’s available and respond with the speed needed to protect your investments. Instead of simply hoping for the best, you can make informed decisions.


How Does AssetLock Reflect SFS’s Values?

The financial advisors of Successful Financial Strategies’ are excited about AssetLock because it reflects our approach to financial strategies: gather data, create a plan, execute, and refine. For us we believe that hard data is essential for making informed financial decisions and we also believe that most financial plans are fluid and need to be adjusted to reflect current market trends and the goals of our clients.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Taking steps towards your financial goals can be scary. Not only do you have to come face-to-face with your financials, you must also take responsibility for your actions regarding your assets. Though this can be frightening, the financial planning experts of Successful Financial Strategies are here to help. Our financial advisors have the experience, competence, and compassion to help you reach your goals. To learn why so many in Arden and Henderson are choosing to work with us, visit our website.