Welcome back to the Successful Financial Strategies blog! In our last blog, we began discussing why financial planning is so important. It is more beneficial than just budgeting and offers a bigger, less risky payout then “get rich quick schemes.” Many people dream about having more money. They think about everything they would buy, how much more peace they would have, and maybe how different their life would be. Many people hope to buy that winning lottery ticket or hit it big in Vegas. Having financial security and possibly, drastically changing your life begins with a plan that goes beyond budgeting and addresses some of the bigger issues of your financial situation.

What Does Financial Planning Offer?

Financial planning that we offer takes into account all aspects of your financial situation. The financial advisors at our Arden and Henderson locations provide financial planning, as well as other services that can address individual aspects of your financial situation. Keep reading to learn how we can help you reach your financial goals or visit our website.

Annuity Strategies

Many people don’t know what an annuity is and many aren’t using theirs to its fullest potential. An annuity is another long-term financial product that can provide financial stability. Essentially, it is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you agree to pay several lump sum payments in return for immediate or future disbursements. An annuity can be a great way to cover costs of long-term care, principal protection, income, legacy planning, and more. An annuity can be used by itself, but it can also function well as a supplement to other investments.

Life Insurance Planning & Insurance Services

More people have heard of this type of savings product and have a life insurance policy, but are they really getting the most out of it? The benefits of that life insurance policies vary and so they can serve a variety of purposes. Life insurance planning is like an audit of your policy and how it is serving you. Our planning services can help you use your insurance policy to serve your greater financial goal.  

Social Security Planning

For those who are nearing retirement, social security is a big part of the financial puzzle that you need to consider. It is not only important that you start collecting at the right time, but also understand how Social Security will impact your other investments. Though each part of your assets and investments can help you individually, it is imperative to understand how they work together, especially when it comes to Social Security. When you withdraw as well as when your spouse withdraws can impact how much you collect and therefore, how much benefit it actually provides you during retirement.

Tax Planning

If you are like most, even though you understand the benefit of paying taxes, you may feel frustrated with how much you have to pay. Have you considered that you might be paying too much in taxes or possibly unknowingly putting yourself in danger of tax fraud? Tax planning allows you to know without a doubt that you are paying what you owe, while also getting the tax breaks that you deserve. Instead of making more money, have more money now, by paying less taxes.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a fancy financial term for taking strategic steps towards prosperity. Wealth management takes into account what you are doing now to prepare for retirement and other long-term goals. With wealth management services, we look at how to protect, invest, and grow your nest egg.  

Having a viable financial plan must take into account every aspect of one’s assets and financial situation. The financial advisors at Successful Financial Strategies can help you create a viable plan and guide you towards financial goals.