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  1. You Must Know the Answers To These 4 Financial Questions – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Successful Financial Strategies blog! In our last post, we began discussing why it is important to have the answers to four questions. To sum it up, these questions are a means to help you measure the state of your financial situation and, really,  to make a plan for the future. Working harder at something will only get you so far. However, working smarter is what will make al…Read More

  2. You Must Know the Answers To These 4 Financial Questions

    As financial advisors and residents in the Henderson and Arden areas, we often come across people that do not know that much about their financial situation. Yes, they are able to pay the bills and they are not defaulting on any loans or are having any other major financial hardship. However, a common theme is that they have no idea what their long-term financial situation looks like and they do n…Read More