Are You Getting the Most From Your Annuity?

Did you know that many annuity owners in the Arden and Hendersonville area don’t take advantage of the biggest retirement benefit associated with these investments? We believe it is important to have a financial advisor review your existing annuities. We’ll review your annuity contracts for the following:

  • Exploring the available interest rates for your specific annuity.
  • Understanding and design of the distribution amounts you’ll receive for the rest of your life or for a specific period of time.
  • Beneficiary review to monitor that your heirs receive what you intended for them.

Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your annuity and its benefits, while also explaining the features available to annuity owners such as:

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income*
  • Impacts of asset control vs. asset liquidity
  • Participation in an index with downside protection*
  • Rising Income During Retirement*
  • Legacy Planning for Heirs*

*Features noted are dependent upon the type of annuity contract, state of issue, as well as its issuer and their solvency

If you are interested in learning more about annuities or are curious if you are fully utilizing the benefits of your annuity, contact the financial advisors of Successful Financial Strategies. We have offices in Arden and Hendersonville to serve you. Our goal is to provide you the information necessary so you may make informed decisions and get the most out of your annuity. We can also help you in your retirement planning, wealth management, and more. Contact us or fill out the form below to speak to a financial advisor at Financial Successful Strategies.  

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