SFS Financial Strategies is an authorized AssetLock® Personal provider.

AssetLock® Personal is a complimentary (no-obligation) retirement account monitoring tool for 401k, 403b, 457b, and TSP plans. It is designed to track and inform users about the progress of their retirement accounts.

How it Works

It works by allowing users to set their AssetLock® Percentage, which is the maximum downside (or loss) they are willing to experience in that account before being notified. An AssetLock® Percentage can range from 5% – 30%, and is always based on the High Water Value (the highest value the account has reached). If the account does experience loss, the account user will receive an email and/or text message alert as the value is nearing and reaches the AssetLock® Percentage. Account users may also set notifications for new account highs. To sign-up for AssetLock® Personal, please text the code: 8DS to 947-222-5625 to download the App today!

If you are an employer, HR professional, or employee benefit specialist, and would to learn how AssetLock® Personal can help your employees monitor their company-sponsored retirement plans, please contact us at 828-693-9349