What kind of life insurance do you have? How much should you have? Life insurance can serve a variety of purposes including covering the loss of your income for your beneficiaries. Knowing your needs and the benefits that the various types of life insurance provide is important for having an efficient and strategic financial plan.

Types of Life Insurance

As mentioned above, life insurance can serve a few different purposes and it’s important that you know how each type of policy can serve you. Life insurance policies can be divided up into two basic categories:

Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is a temporary policy that can last as little as 5 years and up to 30 years. Some term life insurance policies can be renewed or converted into a whole life insurance policy once it has served its purpose. Term life insurance policies can function as a means for paying debt during retirement, can supply your loved ones with income if you pass away prematurely, and can be a means for affording expenses of your children during the years they are dependent on you.  

Permanent or Whole Life Insurance     

Permanent or whole life insurance is a policy that is usually bought for the purpose of providing income to your beneficiaries when you die, as well as covering funeral expenses, growing your assets, paying estate taxes and more. There are many types of whole life insurance, so if you need a permanent policy there is most likely one that will fit your needs.

Next Steps

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