Your Guide To Social Security

The baby boomer generation is now realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect. Originally designed to help senior citizens escape poverty in their old age, this archaic system offers benefits to anyone who has paid into it and brings along a plethora of questions to answer.

Are you aware of some of the Social Security strategies that are available todayThese important decisions could have an enormous impact on the future dollars received from the program.

We offer Social Security and retirement planning, providing our clients with a detailed analysis designed to maximize benefits received and answering the many questions associated with the matter:

  • Should I begin taking benefits at age 62 or wait to age 66?
  • Would I get more in the long run if I wait to age 70?
  • How will my investments be impacted by my decision?
  • How working affects my Social Security benefits?
  • How Social Security benefits are taxed?

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