Everyone is different, and everyone’s needs are different. So, no single financial plan fits every individual or every family. The details and circumstances that make up your life vary from others’ as much as the differences between snowflakes; no two are alike. It only makes sense then to create a financial plan that serves only you and your family — and no one else’s.

Holistic financial planning creates wealth with your needs and specific goals in mind.

You must have heard of holistic medicine by now. The American Holistic Health Association [1] defines it as treating your whole being — your body, mind and soul. Just as holistic medicine takes a broad look at your physical, mental, spiritual and social qualities, so holistic financial planning considers every aspect of your life with an eye toward improving your financial health, according to the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. [2]

No One Lives in a Vacuum

Holistic financial planning is more than just a buzzword; it’s a style of service that cannot make predictions or recommendations without taking into account every facet of your life — from your income and retirement goals to:

  • How your children factor into your financial plans
  • What kind of legacy you hope to leave
  • How good you are at saving
  • And so much more

This type of financial planning examines your resources beyond the numbers on a page. To offer these services, your financial planner must take time to really get to know you, your history and your future goals. That’s the recipe for success. In addition to a keen sense of the markets, holistic financial planning involves a little:

  • Psychology
  • Intuition
  • Circumspection
  • Critical analysis


Taking in the Whole Picture

As the name implies, holistic financial planning takes into account the many aspects of your whole life. A holistic financial planner cannot make suggestions based on the numbers alone. Just as a holistic medical practitioner relies on more than just your blood pressure, pulse and temperature, the holistic financial expert has to know your goals, vision and values.

Only through lengthy conversations can your holistic financial planner gather the information necessary to make targeted recommendations.

Prepare to spend some time in your first meeting with a holistic financial planner like Michael Blanton. Comprehensive financial planning delves into your past experience with wealth, your current financial well-being and your future goals. The conversation may include:

  • Tax planning
  • Social Security maximization
  • Estate and legacy funding
  • Life and health insurance needs
  • Retirement income planning
  • Income streams
  • Wealth management
  • Asset accumulation
  • Education savings


It Will Get Personal

Holistic financial planning is more than just buying and selling financial products. A holistic financial planner will get personal. He must. If you don’t feel comfortable talking in realistic terms with a financial professional, find one who makes you feel relaxed enough to talk about very personal topics, such as your dreams, goals, fears and frustrations.

To better embrace the concept of holistic planning, think of it instead as “life planning.” Just as a toothache affects your mood and grief upsets your stomach, so your financial health affects your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, according to psychotherapist Amy Morin for Psychology Today. [3] Holistic financial planning puts your resources and investment strategies into context for you. It more readily reflects your ideals, not just the number of zeros in your portfolio.

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