Guest Author: Chad Blanton
Author Introduction:
Chad Blanton is VP of sales in the annuity division at Financial Independence Group. Starting as a sales consultant his focus on building strong relationships with each advisor he worked with quickly brought him to the VP of annuity sales position at FIG. Introducing unique ideas to the advisors he worked with allowed him to guide them to greater productivity.

Have you ever asked your financial advisor what does it take to be great? Or ask what measure does he or she use to be classified as a truly great financial professional?

Try asking that question at your next review with your advisor and see what their response is. If it has anything to do with the rate of return that their portfolios’ have produced, you may want to take time to evaluate other firm’s for your investments moving forward.

I’ve seen that the financial services industry has typically taught consumers, and advisors, that rate of return is the primary measure of success for any advisor. As someone who has interfaced with many financial advisors over the years I have found that the ones who are most effective have taken a slightly different approach when it comes to helping their clients with their financial picture and measuring the impact they have in their lives.

I believe there are three main characteristics that make up a truly great advisor:

  1. A servant’s heart. A great advisor is there to serve their clients first, listening to their client’s goals and the aspirations they for their lives and how their finances will help them accomplish those goals.
  2. A genuine interest in others. Great advisors believe that they are partners with their clients in their financial/retirement journey. Which means that the advisors are invested in the same tools/products that they recommend their clients select. The advisor is on the journey with their clients.
  3. Trustworthy. Advisors are trusted with many of their clients’ entire retirement portfolio to ensure that it will be there when it is needed most. Clients of a great advisor don’t worry about their money as they know their advisor has partnered with institutions that have similar values and integrity.

In my opinion these character traits are at the center of what an advisor should believe and create the core of a great advisor. If you look at your current advisor and you don’t find that their values line up with yours or their focus is simply on rate of return and how well they have done, it may be time for a change.