What is Wealth Management?

It is easy to throw around fancy sounding financial terms with the intent of generally speaking about taking proactive steps towards prosperity. However, not all terms mean the same thing or entail the same kind of services. The same is true with wealth management and, perhaps, if the true meaning of the word was known, more people would be apt to take advantage of this type of service. Also, wealth management isn’t just for those who qualify as “well off.” As with all kinds of financial planning and management, wealth management can be for anyone wishing to increase and preserve their wealth.

Holistic Financial Services

Wealth management is about a holistic financial planning approach in which a financial advisor provides advice and services for all areas of a client’s financials including taxes, estate planning, accounting, investment opportunities, and more.

Why Wealth Management?

If you don’t have much expendable income in conjunction with the availability of free information via the internet, it may be tempting to settle for an app, advice from a book, blog, or podcast, instead of a financial advisor—when we said settle, we mean settle. Like you deserve personalized healthcare, you deserve personalized wealth management and the financial advisors in Henderson and Arden would love to provide the wealth management that you deserve.

The Benefits of a Fee-based Fiduciary Firm (ACM is the Fiduciary Firm)

Your future success may depend on the investment strategies you employ today. It is important for our investment adviser representatives at both our Arden and Hendersonville offices to understand your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon before custom tailoring a diversified investment strategy to fit your needs.

As a fee-based, independent Investment Advisory Representative (IAR) of Alphastar, we offer our clients various investment portfolios to fit the needs of our client base and their wealth management strategies.

  • We require no net-worth or income minimums
  • We charge a percentage fee of assets under management (AUM)

Our Portfolios

Whether you are currently retired and seeking and steady income portfolio, or you have 20+ years until retirement and are seeking maximum growth, our financial advisors can develop a plan for you. Our strategies do not chase returns, rather they rely on diversification across multiple asset classes, helping to minimize risk and reduce volatility.

As a firm, we strive to provide our clients with investment advice portfolios that will help them toward their wealth management goals, while taking into account costs and maintaining flexibility. We offer pre-defined investment strategies to align with various risk profiles and investment objectives of clients.  We believe model portfolios using a variety of ETF’s (Exchange Traded Fund), help to reduce costs, provide security diversification, and liquidity.

ETF portfolios offer very low expense ratios and are extremely transparent, allowing us to know what each fund owns at any moment. Because ETFs are traded on an exchange just like stocks, they are flexible, readily tradeable investment instruments.

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If you are ready for including wealth management in your financial strategy, contact the financial advisors of Successful Financial Strategies. We have offices in Arden and Hendersonville to serve you. Having a strategic plan in place to understand asset risk and customize your investment strategy should provide you peace of mind, now and later in your life, we are here to help you do just that.

Ready to Learn More?

In addition to helping you get the most out a wealth management plan, we can also help you in your financial planning, life insurance planning, tax planning, annuity planning, and more. Contact us or fill out the form below to speak to a financial advisor at Financial Successful Strategies.  

Want to learn more? Check out our current financial seminars offered, our radio show, blog, and other resources!

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